Sunday, March 15, 2015


His first collection, 77 Dream Songs, which is coming to a close here, won the Pulitzer Prize. The next volume, His Toy, His Dream, His Rest, won the National Book Award. So there were a few more than four listeners attendant to his preaching, and he sure enough had them by “the heart & brains & tail,” and they paid him money. This was all to come. But B. saw even further beyond the success—that he was already experiencing—to the day when it would be over and played out and no one would listen. That did come, too, as he knew it would. This poem forecasts to the sad day when it’s finally over, and “none… came.”

Here’s a found poem also forecasting from a day in the flush when, finally, “none…came.”

The West Texas Big Bobcat Contest

You must have a fur harvester’s
License and obtain a tag for the cat.
You must tag the cat
Right after you harvest it.
The bobcat must be registered
With the DNR with-in so many days
After the season ends
In the area you harvested your cat.
There are different season dates
And limits depending on the area you hunt in.
Jeremy H, a fifth-generation rancher,
Organized the Big Bobcat contest in Texas.
Contests do a public service
By reducing the number of livestock
Predators and protecting the public
From rabies. This is not bashing
Baby seals in the head.
To those who are offended, he has simple advice:
Butt out. It's none of their business.
It has nothing to do with them.
It's one of the best things about this beautiful
State of Texas. We have 100 percent
Support from Texas and from the local people.
If they don't like it, they can just
Stay away from it. And there is a jarring
Sort of gleefulness that surrounds the slaughter.
They're growing exponentially, said Geoff N,
A champion coyote hunter
Who is cashing in on the phenomenon.
His website, Coyote Craze, exhorts visitors
To “Feed Your Addiction” and offers
Videos of coyotes being dispatched
By high-powered weapons, along with t-shirts
That read “Coyotes Fear Me,” and depict
Dead coyotes hanging by their feet.
Two of his sons bagged their first coyotes
At the age of five.
Almost every weekend you can find a contest
Somewhere within driving distance.
Contests are completely legal.
Some may consider it ethically wrong,
But hunting has been around forever,
It’s who we are out in this part of the country.
We’re killing animals for money and prizes.


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