Sunday, July 5, 2015


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A love poem to his wife, Kate, mentioning their marriage and the birth of a child. “Into your face / for summers now—for three— / I have been looking, and for winters O / and never at any time have you resembled snow.” Playing off of the terms “heat” and “frigid” as descriptors of sexuality. Nice to be married to a woman who never resembles snow! Then “Little sprang out”, and off they go into parenthood. “The sun gave it a glance / and went about & about.” The days progress in celebration.

Here’s a poem about heat.


I waited in the planet’s shadow
In snow. I ate heavy, and rested
Beneath fleece and wool
My feet propped like blocks
On a hassock, summer expectant
In the drop of water
At the tip of an icicle. 

It came, then, the planet
Pointing me to the great star.
104°F, yet the sweat running
Along my ribs seeds
In my body the touch
And knowledge
Of ice to come. 

We wind around and finally
Down, in our spiraling
Through the galaxy’s cold
Silent arms, though the sun burns
Close today: My salt runs at it.
We conceive in warm poiesis, here
Under Earth’s wet sweater. 


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